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Fox Explorer Barrow Review by Team Member Iain Cockcroft

Fox Explorer Deluxe Carp Barrow

After deciding to tackle a new water that’s 17 acres in size I felt a barrow was becoming essential. The need to move swims would be made easy, allowing me to cart around the gear we all seem to accumulate!!

After much deliberation from internet research and advice from the guys at my friendly tackle shop St.Ives Tackle, I decided on the Fox Explorer Barrow.

I have to say on opening the box I was impressed from the off. Easy to put together and well made. I dismantled it with ease, the quick release pin, the knurled nuts for the handles and wheel release makes it quick and easy. Once packed in the car it takes up next to no room, (something that had always previously put me off buying a barrow). It would fit in some of the smallest boots.

The square bag that comes with it, slots in with ease and can be loaded up with essentials that will always be needed on the bank. This bag also lifts out for convenience when coming to pack away in the car. It also comes with two mesh pouches that fit within the frame and two barrow straps to secure all your kit down safely.

The size of barrow is ideal for day sessions fishing off the barrow or short overnight trips ideally 24/48 hrs. Its simple design is effective and well balanced. The mud feet have spikes enabling extra stability. Overall I would recommend this barrow to anyone. Excellent value for money and does exactly what it says on the tin. Without doubt a barrow sceptic converted!

Kind regards Iain

  • Feb 08, 2019
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