Bait Tech Growlers Tiger Nuts 400g

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The Bait Tech unique cooking process means every tiger nut is cooked to the core and carp just love them. The cooking process enhances and unlocks the natural sugars.

Packed with tiger goodness, we have unlocked the natural sugars and started the fermentation process within the centre of the nut….THE Perrrfect Tiger!

Unlike other ready cooked tigers, ours exude a ‘milky fizz’ when they are pierced – a sure sign that we have achieved tiger nut perfection! Ideal for use in a multitude of ways including on their own, as part of a spod mix or liquidised to create a milky cloud.

Each nut tastes , sweet and milky making a superb carp attractor either in whole or chopped form.

Growlers are available in 400g tins.