CCMoore Superfruit Blend Essential Oil

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SUPERFRUIT BLEND ESSENTIAL OIL 20ml Essential oils are extremely potent aroma compounds which are derived from plants. They are highly effective for creating a distinctive 'label' in baits and can be used alone or as part of a liquid attractor combination. Essential oils add a strong aroma which is easily dispersed in water, even at low temperatures, making them ideal for use in year round baits and attractor-rich hookbaits (pop ups etc). 'Essential Oils' are named as such due to their strong natural 'essence' - and when you smell this unique CC Moore product you'll understand why. This outstanding blend of fruity essential oils produces an incredibly powerful citrus-type profile which is easily detected in baits even at very low inclusion levels. This makes it ideal as a flavouring additive when looking to create that slightly different profile to everybody else...... a vital edge for hookbaits, boilies and even loose feeds. Containing only 'first press', concentrated essential oils such as lime, orange and a couple other new 'specials', Superfruit Blend really does make an excellent addition to any bait and stimulates a strong response in even the lowest water temperatures. Tip: We recommend this oil to be used at up to 2ml/kg either alone or as part of a liquid combination. It is particularly effective when added into boilie mixes at 1ml/kg with Creamy Condensed Milk or Scopex Essences at 7ml/kg along with Talin at 1ml/kg.