CCMoore Superspice Blend Essential Oil

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SUPERSPICE BLEND ESSENTIAL OIL 20ml Essential oils are extremely potent aroma compounds which are derived from plants. They are highly effective for creating a distinctive 'label' in baits and can be used alone or as part of a liquid attractor combination. Essential oils add a strong aroma which is easily dispersed in water, even at low temperatures, making them ideal for use in year round baits and attractor-rich hookbaits (pop ups etc). This powerful blend of seven different essential oils is designed to give baits a spicy aroma that can be easily combined with many other flavours. Superspice Blend contains no 'fillers' or 'bases' and will add a smooth yet powerful spice profile into a boilie mix even when included at a low level. It can also be diluted with liquid foods such as CSL and Liquid Yeast when being applied to any loose feed, PVA bag or stick mix. This outstanding blend or highly concentrated essential oils will add a totally unique attractor dimension to your baits..... in any water temperature. Tip: We recommend this oil to be used at up to 2ml/kg either alone or as part of a liquid combination.