Cygnet 12 Metre Baiting Pole

Brand: Trakker

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The new Cygnet 12m Baiting Pole comes as a 7 section put-over carbon composite pole, that stores within itself, this deal is for the pole complete with spoon and float making it simple to purchase and ready to deliver devastatingly accurate baiting anywhere within 12 metres of you!

Simply load the tray with your hookbait and/or feed and assemble the pole as you float it out. The tray is supported on the surface by the high density foam float until you reach your required spot. Then simply tip your bait and hookbait in.

Be sure to slacken your line so the hookbait doesn’t swing in towards you and away from the loose feed. To return, simply disassemble the pole as you retrieve it. Invaluable for getting under trees and tight to margins and features.

Plus, you can cast to another bank, retrieve your rig and ship it out using the baiting pole from there!