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The ES Indication Set comprises of two products: The ES NiteLite Pro and the ES DuoCarb which are designed to be used attached together in all conditions, but still allowing the ES NiteLite Pro to be used as a free hanging bobbin if required.

PRICE –  £32.49 (Purple + £2.50) ES NiteLite Pro Illuminating Hanger (170mm) INTEGRAL LED – Flashing, Latching & Night Marking – No Betalights needed NO BATTERIES REQUIRED – Connects to Delkim Plus Bite alarm NiteLite socket PATENTED MAGNETIC LINE CLIP – Self adjusting and non twist STAYS ON THE LINE UNTIL THE STRIKE SMOOTH STRIKE RELEASE – No snatching or potential over tightening PATENTED CatFlex CABLE ASSEMBLY – Hangs and flexes like a chain THREADED TO TAKE D-STAK ADD ON WEIGHTS – Not included USE FREE HANGING OR ATTACHED TO ES DUOCARB – quick release CABLE LENGTH – 170mm AVAILABLE IN 6 COLOURS  NOTE – The ES NiteLite Pro Illuminating Hanger can only be used with the Delkim Plus range of bite alarms and is recommended for use with the corresponding alarm colour. ES DuoCarb Pivoting Hanger Support (102mm fixed length) STABILISES ES NITELITE PRO – Connect as required SOLID CARBON FIBRE ARMS – Extra Slim and feather light CONNECT TO SUPPLIED BASE OR DIRECT TO D-LOK – Quick release IDEAL FOR SLACK LINING – Can hang almost vertically