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The Delkim Tx Plus Micro Transmitter is a plug-in device based on the innovative Tx 2000 (first manufactured in 1994, the first plug-in radio transmitter ever produced for bite alarms) The sophisticated Tx Plus is a dedicated product designed to be permanently connected to the Delkim Standard & 25 Plus or Ev Plus. When used in conjunction with the Rx Plus Pro Mini Receiver it makes a full cordless radio system, giving the user the main benefits of the reliable and sophisticated Delkim radio system with good range and long battery life expectations. The Tx Plus Micro Transmitter requires NO BATTERIES, a technology that has yet to be matched by any competitor SEALED PLUG-IN UNIT WITH FM RADIO TRANSMITTER – Crystal controlled Phase Lock Loop (PLL) with Patented digital transmission of codes, with tones and battery condition warnings (where applicable) from Delkim Plus range bite alarms NO BATTERY REQUIRED – Plugs into audio output of Delkim Standard Plus or Ev Plus THE ORIGINAL PATENTED AUDIBLE AND VISUAL REPLICATION SYSTEM UNIQUE INDIVIDUAL TRANSMITTER CODES – To prevent activation of other users receivers ALL THE TRANSMIT FUNCTIONS OF THE Tx-i Plus – (Except anti-theft alarm and range check) EXTERNAL COIL AERIAL – Maximises performance HARMONISED PAN-EUROPEAN FREQUENCY WITH DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY – Conforms to EN300-220 DEDICATED DESIGN FITS ONLY DELKIM PLUS RANGE BITE ALARMS – (Standard and Ev) NITELITE OUTPUT (2.5mm) – For connection of optional Delkim NiteLite Pro Illuminating Hanger INCLUDES REPLACEMENT 1¼” STAINLESS STEEL LONG BOLT – Required for fitting