ESP Cryogen Hooks Para-Point Barbed

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This ESP Para Point is the strongest hook of the range. The medium length shank, with an almost crystal bend and inclined point, make this an incredibly strong shape, further enhanced by the heavy forging and Cryogen tempering process.

The long, fine needle sharp point, further enhanced by the slick Tufflon coating ensures excellent hook holds and the straight eye allows this pattern to be highly versatile as a bottom bait or pop up hook, with or without a kicker. The straight eye makes it especially effective for a Tungsten Loaded 'D-Rig' where the straight eye acts to increase the gape. The 'Para' has already become a real favourite amongst our testers and looks set to be the 'go to' all-rounder for years to come.


Three years of development
Cryogenically tempered
Incredibly strong
Durable ultra sharp needle points
Long fine point
Tufflon coated

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