Fox Edges 50lb Camo Leadcore Kwik Change Heli Rigs

Brand: Fox

Product Code: CAC755

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Fox Edges camo heli rigs are tied using 50lb edges camo leadcore. Each leader is 750mm, with a spliced loop for mainline attachment and fitted with a speed link for lead attachment.

Comes complete with micro anti tangle sleeve for securing your chosen rig to the size 7 kwik change swivel. All three leaders have Edges Trans Khaki rig components set up in place creating the ideal helicopter presentation.

Product Overview

  • 3 x 75cm lengths of pre-spliced Edges 50lb Camo Leadcore
  • Supplied with: 3 x Heli Buffer Sleeves, 3 x Tapered Bore Beads, 3 x 0.5mm Leader Silicone, 3 x Size 7 Heli Swivel, 3 x Micro Speed Links and 3 x Micro Anti Tangle Sleeves