Fox Edges Drop Off Heli Buffer Beads

Brand: Fox

Product Code: CAC690

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Versatile buffer bead that comprises three main components and is designed for helicopter-style lead setups     Designed to work on both leaders and naked main line (simply add the tapered insert)     Use without the tapered insert for lead-free/leadcore leaders     Main line or leader attaches to the fixed wire loop of the main bead, the separate buffer section then attaches to the top of this bead to cover and protect your knot     The main body holds all makes of Fox swivel lead in position via the same type of friction fit used on the Edges Angled Drop Off Run Ring Kits     The swivel of your lead can be fixed in place by the supplied T-peg or a with an Edges PVA Strip if you require the lead to eject     Features Trans Khaki camouflage     6 x Buffer Beads and 6 x T-pegs per pack