Gardner GloPro Marker Liquid

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Glo Pro 2G+’ (Plus) is an extra luminous liquid line marker that has a higher level of performance luminous crystals than ‘Glo Pro 2G’ meaning it glows longer and brighter, making it even better for night-time use.

This luminescence makes ‘Glo Pro 2G+’ easy and convenient if you’re marking distances on your main line for clipping to a specific range. Whether you prefer to cast out to a line marker, wrap up on sticks or walk your lines out ‘Glo Pro 2G+’ makes this quicker and easier.

As ‘Glo Pro 2G+’ is painted onto the main line it forms a tidy tapered coloured marker that doesn’t snag or snare in the rings during casting, and will not slip whilst playing a fish. It’s rubbery/flexible texture means that it is easily removed with your fingernail and doesn’t mark or damage your main line.

‘Glo Pro 2G+’ is now made with an improved formula that provides much greater temperature stability, giving it a longer life.