Korda Kontour Fluorocarbon Main Line NEW Sizes

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KONTOUR Fluorocarbon main line now available in 12, 15lb & 18lb!

Kordas fluorocarbon main line – Kontour. Here’s an insight into why you should use this nearly, invisible main line to give you a massive edge.

The light refractive index of fluorocarbon is close to water and this obviously helps in a fishing situation. To maintain a nearly invisible line it is however recommended to regularly reel in your line through a damp cloth or sponge to keep it clean.

TIP: Use a set of distance sticks and do this whilst wrapping up to ensure your line stays clean.

For those anglers that want to fish accurately Kontour has another big benefit… very low stretch. The benefit of a low amount of stretch is that it helps when feeling for a drop. If you cast out and hit the clip or feather it down your lead will sink on a tight line. With your rod tip up you can now feel if your rig is landing on a hard of soft lakebed. This gives you a great insight and confidence into what you’re fishing over on your chosen spot.

200m spool