Korda MK2 Stow Indicator Full 3 Rod Set

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Set of 3 Korda MK2 Stow bite indicators ready to fish and complete with accessories . Each carp fishing indicator set contains the following items in an easy to purchase option saving you approximately 10% together with free postage. 3 bite indicator bobbins of your colour choice or mixed if you prefer. 3 isotopes to suit your colour choice. Please note that the black will use the standard white isotope. Set of 3 weights choose from either 6g or 8g Case for neat and safe storage Please add a message to your order stating colours required and preference for weight choice. These are Kordas MK 2 Stow bobbin indicator systems for the dedicated carp fishing enthusiast that are available in a choice of eight colours. Each individual bobbin head contains a head with weight, magnetic hockey stick and TWO chains. These indicators look great and perform just as good as they look with an improved line clip.The reason that the kits are supplied with two chains is so that you can use your indicators with any type of conventional bite alarm. The chains with short steel extensions are suitable for Delkim-sized alarms, whereas the chains with long extensions are for smaller, Neville-type alarms.