Nash Fast Melt PVA Bags

Brand: Nash

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New Nash PVA bags are extra strong to prevent splitting on impact and made from lightly perforated film to ensure air is easily removed and bags sink quickly, Fast Melt Bags are supplied with a micro coating that prevents them sticking to each other and ensures they can be opened and filled more easily than standard solid bags even in damp conditions where others fail. Four sizes cover every application from tiny feed parcels containing leads and rigs designed for extreme range work to large groupings of feed to punch amongst dead lilies and weed.


  • Fast Melt PVA Bags Small (100 x 60mm) 25 per pack
  • Fast Melt PVA Bags Medium (110 x 70mm) 20 per pack     
  • Fast Melt PVA Bags Large (130 x 100mm) 15 per pack     
  • Fast Melt PVA Bags Xtra Large (220 x 60mm) 15 per pack