Shimano Aero Super Match Fishing Line

Brand: Shimano

Product Code: SIT1601

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This Shimano Super Match Monofilament Fishing Line offers superior strength - 3lb to 10lb. Exceptionally high knot strength and super robust. Comes in a range of breaking strains from 3lb to 10lb to suit different fishing conditions.The line is supple, casts well and has a semi-translucent matt black colour. A great addition to the tackle box of any match angler. A great value, strong, long lasting line, Shimano's Aero Mono is the one for you. Created in a versatile matt brown translucent colour, this mono has been created for the match angler. Perfect for float or feeder fishing, has high knot strength and abrasion resistance.

Available in:

  • 300m - 3lb 0.14mm 
  • 300m - 4lb 0.16mm
  • 300m - 5lb 0.18mm
  • 300m - 6lb 0.20mm
  • 300m - 8lb 0.22mm
  • 300m - 10lb 0.25mm