Atomic Tackle Marker Float Link Set Up

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This Atomic marker float set up makes setting up your marker float very simple and ready to start feature finding efficiently and accurately. Use this information wisely and you will bait up more accurately and catch more carp. It consists of a ready tied link about 8 inches long tied in a robust braided material . Add a lead to the clam lock swivel, thread your main line through the 10mm eyed swivel, add the 10mm bead and marker float and your ready to cast. The 10mm ring swivel will allow any main line to glide the marker float quickly to the surface, allowing easy mapping of a swim.

Tips on carp fishing. Use a braided mainline for marker float work of about 30lb together with a heavier leader of about 50lb. This will ensure no crack offs and you will be able to feel every inch of the lake bed. Clay, gravel spots, mussel beds or weed and can all be felt when using braid. Believe me if you are still using mono on your marker rod its a massive handicap and once you have tried the braid you will never get the same results with mono.

I have had the same braid and leader on my marker for over 10 years and it looks a little worn and faded but the initial expense has more than paid for itself after this time. If you choose one of the ultra thin 20lb braids sold as marker and spod braids you absolutely must use a shock leader as casting forces alone with a 4 oz lead will break these braids with ease. They cast a long way but the slightest glitch sees a crack off and a large lead flying across the lake at high velocity.