Manor Farm Common

Carp Fishing at Manor Farm Lakes April 2023

Manor Farm Lakes situated near Biggleswade in Bedfordshire, just off the A1 is a fantastic Carp fishing day ticket water that we had been meaning to visit for a while as many of our customers in the shop visit there regularly. With five lakes to choose from on the complex I had a quick look at their online booking system and could soon see that Damsel Lake had no one booked on for a Monday night! Perfect I thought, so I booked on there as it was empty and headed over for my first ever visit to Manor Farm Lakes!  

On arrival there was a day angler fishing in the corner near the toilets and as I pushed my barrow past he asked for a quick pic of a lovely 28lb Common he had just landed. The fish was immaculate and I couldn't help but think one like that would do tonight! After helping with the pics I quickly barrowed round and set up on a nice grassy point where some fish were showing - plus I'd be able to see lots of water from here.

Manor farm Lakes

Despite getting settled in quickly with 2 rods - both baited with Stickybaits Pineapple Pop ups in open water, nothing occurred until 1:30am when I awoke to a drop back, sliding into my wellies and half expecting a Bream or Tench I was pleasantly surprised when something pulled back on the other end! After a scrappy fight a lovely 20lb common rolled into the net and it was only then that I realised how cold it had become.

A cold night on Manor farm

Everything in sight was completely covered in thick frost and ice making my fingers frozen solid as I took a couple of quick self takes. Unfortunately not much else occurred except a hook pull shortly after the initial take but it was good to have a go and if it hadn't have dropped to minus 2 over night I think the action would have kept coming. 

By mid morning almost every fish in the lake was cruising below the surface but despite pestering them with zigs for most of the day I was unable to tempt one! However, the session had been well worth a visit and I planned to return the next week to have a go on Becks Lake with my bro Adam whilst we filmed another video for our Youtube channel. 

Check out how we got on in the video below: 


Happy hunting


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