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Carp Fishing at Manor Farm Lakes - Damsel Lake May 2023

After a successful trip filming a little video for our Youtube Channel on Becks Lake we couldn't wait to return a week later and do it all again- this time on Damsel Lake. Damsel is a lovely lake around 5 acres with surrounding lush grassy banks and plenty of Carp to go at including a few over the 30lb mark, so more than enough to be excited about on our 35 minute journey down the A1! 

We arrived to find one or two anglers already on and lots of swims free still, so after a quick walk round it was obvious the fish were following the wind blowing into the car park corner so without hesitation we dropped onto the bank where the wind was pushing in. Adam went for the corner while I went two swims to his left and opted to fish two single Sticky Pineapple hookbaits, one around 40 yards out and the other just down the shelf to see if I could nick a quick bite. 

I didn't have to wait long before the open water rod was in meltdown with an angry carp attached that put up a real good scrap right to the net! A lovely 24lb Common was a fine way to start the session and with carp still showing all over us we were confident of a few more turning up as it was only early evening. And sure enough as I was putting up my shelter the rod just over the marginal shelf ripped off with yet again a stonking common of 26lb this time. What a start, we just needed Adam to get one now. 

As the wind eased off the carp went quiet enough for us to get some food down us and typically about 10;30pm just as I was doing the sleeping bag zip up my open water Pineapple rod was off again! A mega hard scrap this time as I played the fish in darkness for a good 10 minutes before a lovely two tone half linear rolled into the net. At 27lb the fish were getting bigger, a 30 next we hoped as we had a chat and a brew before going back to sleep. 

At just gone 3am the rod on the margin slope was away again with an absolute shredder of a run which had me staggering around in the cold wondering what was going on! We thought we were on a roll with the size of fish getting bigger but this Mirror threw a spanner in the works weighing only 23lb 8oz! It was hard to be disappointed though with four twenties in a row. 

The weather in the morning had totally changed with the wind now dropped and next to no fish showing near us and Adam hadn't had a single bite fishing in the corner to my right so for the last couple of hours before we headed home he tried some open water to my left but to no avail sadly. All in all though it had been a great session and we even managed to film a short video of some of the action for our Youtube channel.

Check it out below. 

Tight lines Mickey 


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