Carp at Lake Jezero Sumbar Croatia

Daniel Lands 70lb Carp at Lake Jezero Sumbar Croatia

St Ives Tackle Team Member Dan lands 70lb carp from Jezero Sumbar

There is an amazing stock of fish in Jezero Sumbar which move in big groups, I was pretty frustrated not to be getting into the groups of fish but decided as I had gone there for a big fish not numbers being away from the groups of fish was my best bet for a lone lump!

Daniel Isted with a 70lb Carp from Croatia


It was on the 5th night at about 6:30pm that one of the rods ripped off and I was into what didn’t feel like much of a fish really….. After having 4 fish up to 40lb and feeling their power I thought I had possibly another 40 on.

After about 5 minutes I finally saw the fish for the first time in the light from my head torch and knew instantly it was far bigger than I had originally thought!!!


It proceeded to go on a mission from the first sighting to continue fighting for maybe another 15 minutes striping line from my reel which I couldn’t dare have any tighter.

Finally I had it at the net, I took both my 42 and 50” nets with me but due to the swim I had my 42” fox net in the water with the handle extension attached to get out past the marginal reeds.

The fish barely fit in the net! I looked into the net and there it was, the biggest carp I have ever seen! I tried to lift it out in the net and instantly knew it would not be possible so I had to get my recovery sling under the net in the water and lift it out in that!

Once on the scales it bottomed out my Reuben’s at 68lb!!! I had already set the scales 3lb light to allow for the Nash recovery sling and I couldn’t believe it!

So, back in the lake the recovery sling went for a rest in the water and off I went to get someone with scales that went over 68lb!

On the return with an angler from a couple of swims down we got the fish out and back on the scales…… it was 70lb!!!!!

I went to Croatia hoping for a fish over 60lb and I had done it comfortably with only the 5th fish, I couldn’t believe it!


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