A Fenland Perch

Fenland Perch - St.Ives Tackle Latest Catches

Although the weather has turned cold the fish have still been feeding and getting caught to those anglers’ brave enough to still get out there.  Simon Irvine has ventured a little further afield to Lincolnshire and was duly rewarded with a lovely fat Perch of just over 3lb. The winning method using small live baits whilst spraying red maggots over the top to attract the Perch. Simon has caught many decent Perch this winter on various Fenland drains and Rivers and on a variety of tactics including light jig fishing, ned rigs, drop shotting and live baiting. 


Harry Stirling has taken himself up the drains for some Pike fishing for the first time with some good success. Float fishing Mackerel baits he has managed a few lovely double figure Pike up to 15lb. Shop owner Mickey has also been out and about in the Fens catching a few Pike up to 14lb although it has been quite hard going of late. Float fishing Sardine and Smelt deadbaits proving pretty effective. 


The Carp fishing has become harder since the cold weather but Harry Green has still managed some good catches from Earith Carp Lakes with some very good carp over 20lb, falling to his usual Manilla boilies and sticky Baits Mulbz pop ups.


There is also some great coarse fishing to be had on light tackle down at the Waits in St. Ives now with some great netfuls of Roach, Skimmers and Perch being caught. Fishing Pinkies and regular feeding should soon see you catching plenty and to boot it is a FREE fishing stretch at the Waits.


If you would like any more info on the fishing available in the area, then feel free call and speak to one of our friendly staff on 01480 468196. Alternatively check out our website www.stivestackle.co.uk


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