Skeetex Ultralight Fishing Boots

Skeetex Ultralight Fishing Wellies Boots Review

Ultralight Boots Review

The Skeetex Ultralight boots are the perfect boot for fishing, dog walking or any other outdoor activity. As the name suggests they are incredibly lightweight and comfortable as well as being warm and totally waterproof.

Being comfortable is very important when Winter fishing so I used a pair all last winter for my pike fishing and apart from when I flooded them in my haste to net an escaping 20lb pike they have kept my feet warm and dry in the coldest of conditions. The boots are fitted with a removable liner and replacements are available. 

Skeetex Ultralight Fishing Boots Wellies


The boots have a cleated sole so provide firm grip on muddy surfaces and being made from EVA if a thorn goes in them it closes over on removal maintaining water tightness. These boots are so comfy you can actually walk a long way with your fishing tackle without the liners slipping down which is what some boots do and it causes annoyance for sure. Couple these with some good  Socks and you are sure to keep your feet warm and dry.

We have sold dozens of these boots and everyone has been very pleased with the boots performance so why not upgrade to a pair yourself?

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