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St Ives Tackle are pleased to be associated with St Ives Lakes Fishery. Having fished these lakes for a number of years we know a good deal about them and how they have been carefully developed in recent years while still retaining that magical element of the unknown about them.

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A lovely big common carp from Long Reach
Long Reach Common

The picturesque nine-lake complex offers everything the modern carp and specimen angler could ever want. At the centre of the rich portfolio of large and unspoilt waters is the legendary St Ives Lagoon, a venue steeped in angling history which is home to stunning big carp to the 40lb bracket, including a few very elusive up and coming fish which have barely seen the bank. A hundred carp were introduced three years ago, the largest of which so far during the early part of the 2018 season has made nearly 30lbs!  But it’s not all big carp on the agenda – the Lagoon is also home to huge tench and a shoal of monster bream, with fish to 19lb banked in 2012, and so far this season, fish to over 15lb, as well as good numbers of pike approaching 30lb.

Anothe Long Reach stunner
A Long Reach Beauty

Big carp anglers are also very well catered for at St Ives Lakes Fishery with the famous Shallow Pit, the stocks of which include around 20 fish over the 30lb mark to a best of 54lb, as well as double-figure tench and bream and plenty of pike over the magical 20lb barrier.

36lb common Long Reach
The Friendly Common 36lb but now nudging 40lb

Then there is the intriguing Meadow/Fjords Lake, a big and wild mature gravel pit where watercraft and good old fashioned effort may just help you catch the fish of a lifetime! – The 100-acre lake is also home to The Round Brown, which came out at 44-14lb  this year (2018)  as well as an ever-growing 300-strong band of stunning stockies, which have now touched 30lb, with fish in the 20-25lb range common

The bream and tench in Meadow/Fjords also grow very big, having been caught at 17lb-plus and over 12lb respectively, as do the eels, which have been landed to over 8lb. The biggest lure for many visitors, however, is the handful of massive mirror and common carp in Meadow/Fjords which have been seen many times … but never caught! One or two of them have been estimated at well over 50lb… and it’s only a matter of time before one of these is banked. Will you be the one to make carp fishing history?

Moving on, the 40-acre Long Reach Lake is another untapped wilderness for big fish anglers, with carp to over 40lb, double-figure tench and bream, monster eels and some very large pike swimming in its fascinating depths,


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