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Surface Fishing For Carp - August 2022

This Summer was one of the hottest on record for the UK and with most types of fishing a complete waste of time due to the heat it left us no other option than to do some surface fishing for Carp! I headed down to the local club water early in the morning and was surprised to see no one else there which meant I had the pick of any swims I fancied so opted for a spot just along from the island. Here was a perfect spot to start pinging a few Krill floaters out to see if they were interested and it didn't take long at all before a few came bow waving over and slurping them up! 

I waited until plenty of fish were competing and then cast to the back of the fish and drew my nibbled down krill pop up into position, amongst the slurping Carp. It was only seconds before my hookbait was engulfed and I was attached to an angry double! After a short powerful fight on light tackle she was soon in the net and one of several fish I landed that morning up to 17lb. 

By lunchtime I was suitably frazzled with temps already at around 28 degrees so decided to pack up and go home to seek some much needed refreshments and shade! Once I'd recovered with a shower and a cool down I felt ready to go again, so that's exactly what I did, except I went back with my bro Adam for an evening session! 

The evening went well with a repeat of earlier in the day, landing four good fish between us including a lovely Mirror before it was time to be off site at 8pm. The weather cooled off shortly after this so we timed a bit of surface action perfectly!  We even managed to make a nice YouTube video on Surface Fishing as you can see below.

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