A Nice January Pike

January 2021 Pike Fishing In Cambs.

The fishing has got off to a difficult start in the new year after the Christmas floods and very cold weather recently seeing many lakes frozen over. Mike Bartlett has been going Piking on the Fenland drains and catching a few Pike to just over 10lb. Float fishing dead baits tight to the Norfolk reeds seem to produce the most bites for him.


Mickey Bartlett has also been out fishing on the local gravel pits with some success in between all the flooding.  After moving swims a few times, he finally struck the jack pot with a lovely 23lb 10oz Pike which fell to a Legered Bluey tail section this time. It just goes to show that no matter how cold the weather is, its still worth getting out there and having a go!


If you would like any more info on the fishing available in the area, then feel free call and speak to one of our friendly staff on 01480 468196. Alternatively check out our website www.stivestackle.co.uk



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