Perch on a foggy day

Perch Fishing on the River Ouse with the Cheb Rig- November 2022

Normally as soon as October comes round I'm straight onto the Pike fishing but with the temperatures been so mild I opted to do some Perch fishing instead. Something I'd wanted to do more of anyway and a perk of owning the shop - St.Ives Tackle, I was easily kitted out with the right tackle! A Fox Rage Streetfighter rod Drop and Jig paired up with a Fox Rage Prism 2500 reel was a the perfect combo. This was then spooled up with the Daiwa J Braid in 15lb, tied to some Fox Rage Fluoro in 7lb 13oz as a leader and then a Strike King Cheb weight and Fox 2/0 offset hook to finish the set up off. 

Perch set up

Strike King Finesse worms in Green pumpkin colour or Fox Rage Floating Creature Funky Worms also in Green Pumpkin would be the order of the day. First trip would be a very short session before work on a local stretch of the River Ouse where there was plenty of cover and features - somewhere that Perch love to hide. 

My brother Adam and I arrived at first light and soon started getting little twitches and taps on the rod whilst using the Fox Rage Funky Worms fished on the Cheb. After a few missed bites I landed a lovely little Perch of around 8oz and the action was non stop for about half an hour landing about 14 Perch to 12oz before we had to pack up and head to the shop! Not a bad mornings work. We also filmed the mornings action for our Youtube channel so check it out if you want to see the details and grab some tips!

My next session was to be on the River Ouse again but further upstream to a lovely deep area that I fancied trying. I opted for a Strike King Finesse worm for a change but still fished Cheb Rig style. On arrival the conditions were far from ideal with thick fog rolling in across the meadow but I was already here so might as well make the most of it! On my third swim move I had a really good hit under my feet but it came off almost straight away. It felt like a good fish so I immediately flicked my worm back into the zone with no mistakes the second time! A short solid fight for a minute or two and a lovely fat Perch lay in the net going 2lb 6oz on the scales! Happy days indeed. 

Success with Perch

I packed up not long after this feeling quite happy to have caught on such a horrible morning, although I wanted to do some more filming and thought about coming back in the evening but the fog never lifted so ended up heading to a little backwater the next week after we had a load of rain. On arrival the water was very coloured so opted to fish the drop shot with Lobworms just to see if we could get some bites. Before too long we had a bite every cast but nothing over about 8oz this time before it was time to leave and go to work. However, it was still great fun catching a few Perch on a very short session and we managed to put a little video together for our YouTube channel below. If you fancy checking out how it went and get set up for having a go at the Perch on the Cheb rig then have a little look on our channel. 




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