ESP Cryogen Hooks Grip Rigger Barbed

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As the name suggests, this is an amalgam of the best features of the Cryogen Gripper and Stiff Rigger, which is almost unfair on the carp! The shape is that of the Stiff Rigger, with the fine curved 'sticky' point of the Gripper.

We have been getting asked for a while for a chod / stiff rigger hook with an ultra-sharp beaked point and have answered those pleas with a hook that has even converted a few straight point devotees through the testing process! Although hook choice is often down to personal preference rather than exact science, a beaked point can provide extra assurance especially in weedy or snaggy conditions, with unbeatable hook holds - and so they have proved through the testing process.


Three years of development
Cryogenically tempered
Incredibly strong
Durable ultra sharp needle points
Long-beaked points
Tufflon coated

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