Delkim Bite Alarm Txi-D

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The latest highly specified Delkim carp fishing Txi-D bite alarm is at the pinnacle of bite alarm technology.Simply the best bite alarm on the market.

The Txi-D digital bite alarm features a brand new smaller, more compact design; new patented Digital Signal Processing; Beep Speed Control; a fully digital radio system. It also features a brand new patented IMU Security Movement Sensor – for enhanced security. There are more adjustable LED settings including the new ‘Stealth Mode’, as well as 64 Digital tone settings and much more.


• Tried and Tested Vibration Sensing
• Digital Signal Processing (Patented)
• Beep Speed Control (Patented)
• Digital Radio with Range Test
• Enhanced Weather Protection
• IMU Security Movement Sensor (Patented)
• Compact Design 30% Smaller
• Enhanced LED Settings
• Stealth LED Mode
• Twin Clear LEDs
• NiteLite Output Socket
• Mute Function
• 64 Digital Tone Settings
• Memorised User Preferences
• Enhanced Power Saving
• Moulded Hard Case
• Optional 3 Year Guarantee
RRP £134.99


The Delkim Rx-D digital receiver utilises a fully digital radio with patented Pulse and Visual Replication; advanced patented security; Easy Pairing; Multiple Range Settings; a new RunLite mode and DND (Do Not Disturb) setting; adjustable Vibro alert modes; Last Activity Recall plus more.



• Digital Radio
• Pulse & Visual Replication (Patented)
• Multiple Range Settings
• Easy Pairing
• RunLite Mode
• DND (Do Not Disturb)
• Advanced Security (Patented)
• Adjustable Vibro Mode
• Recall Last Activity
• Power on Indicator
• Enhanced Power Saving
• Lanyard and Attachments
• Moulded Hard Case
• Optional 3 Year Guarantee
RRP £149.99