Drennan 7 Strand Pike Trace Wire

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Drennan 7 Strand Pike Wire is a woven 7 strand stainless wire with a dark bronze finish. The original extra tough ultra reliable trace wire.    Supplied on a 15m spool.    Sizes available: 20lb (9.1kg) 28lb (12.7kg)       7 Stand is ideal for the twisted wire method.

Drennan Slim Crimps are the strongest most reliable method of Pike Rig construction — Always use the finest bore crimp possible.    Do not allow wire to protrude beyond the crimp as reel line will regularly catch at this point. Or use a crimp sleeve.  

For strongest joints flatten crimp in three central places avoiding either end. Rider hooks can be securely mounted using a separate section of wire — This method avoids kinking the main trace.