Drennan Pushstop Carp Method Hair Rigs Hooks to Nylon

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Drennan Pushstop Carp Method Hair Rigs Barbless Hooks to nylon are an extra strong pattern ideal for the method feeder. pushstop-hair-rigs-carp-method Their special shaped bend and offset point definitely reduce the number of missed bites and once hooked very few fish are lost.

The length of the hair is matched to the hook size and when used with a Drennan Pushstop Pusher, they are one of the quickest and most effecient ways of baiting up. 8 12? (30cm) hook­lengths per packet.  

Available in sizes 8s to 10lb (0.26), 10s to 10lb (0.26), 12s to 8lb (0.23), 14s to 8lb (0.23) 16s to 8lb (0.23).