Drennan Pushstop Sweetcorn Hair Rigs Hooks to Nylon

Brand: Drennan

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The Drennan Pushstop Sweetcorn Hair Rigs Barbless hooks to nylon are designed specifically for fishing corn either on the pole, feeder or even waggler. pushstop-hair-rigs-sweetcorn

The length of the hair on these rigs is matched to the hook size. Used with a Drennan Pushstop Pusher, they are one of the quickest and most efficient ways of baiting up. 8 12? (30cm) hook­lengths per packet.

Available in sizes 8s to 8lb (0.23), 10s to 8lb (0.23), 12s to 6lb (0.20), 14s to 6lb (0.20) 16s to 6lb (0.20).