Dynamite Baits Big Fish Groundbait Range 1.8kg

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The Dynamite Big Fish Margin Mix ,a coarse recipe, ideal for ‘holding’ large fish at close quarters

Packed with a mixture of high protein crushed pellets and quality fishmeals

Low feed, sweet-biscuit meal content means it is suitable to use all year round

A sticky consistency makes it a perfect carrier for a variety of particles or fishing in shallow water

Big Fish White Chocolate & Coconut Groundbait
About the Product
Packed full of quality ingredients and offer fantastic value for money.

White Chocolate & Coconut is packed full of natural sweet attractors as well as crushed biscuit for added texture.

Big Fish Krill Method Mix Groundbait
About the Product
A Method feeder mix which is perfect for targeting tench, carp and bream as well as river species.

The mix contains real Arctic Krill for added attraction and cloud. The mix has been designed to be sticky so as to make it easy to stay on the Method feeder but it can also be used as it is when balling in, adding to other mixes or fishing in traditional feeders too.

Fine particle, slightly sticky mix
Boosted with Krill attractants for carp, bream and tench
Ideal for all types of feeder fishing
1.8KG bag

Big Fish Explosive Caster Feeder Mix
About the Product
Create a cloud of attraction when feeder fishing with our NEW for 2019, Explosive Feeder Groundbait.

A superb, active, mix containing real caster meal for added attraction that all fish species love.

This mix is ideal when fishing the traditional or Method feeder when targeting species like bream, tench, carp and river fish too.

An active low-feed formula containing milled casters
Perfect for the cage or Method feeder for carp, bream, barbel, tench and chub

1.8KG bag

Big Fish Bagging Mix Groundbait

Dynamite Bagging Mix groundbait is perfect for when big weights of fish are on the cards at commercials.

Light, sweet biscuit-based mix perfect for a variety of tactics and species

Low feed content helps prevent overfeeding

An ideal year-round mix

Superb on the Method, cage feeder or in a pole cup
1.8kg bag

Big Fish Marine Halibut & Frenzied Hempseed Groundbait

Packed full of quality ingredients and offer fantastic value for money.

Two of the best fish attractors, Marine Halibut and Frenzied Hemp have been combined to create a brilliantly versatile groundbait mix. Perfect for carp and barbel feeder fishing its packed with crushed hempseed and our Marine Halibut Pellets.

Whether your targeting barbel on the river and want to put of bed of bait down or need a groundbait to build your stick mix around carp fishing this groundbait is reliable no matter what your target.

1.8kg bag

Big Fish Green Lipped Mussel Method Mix

Packed full of quality ingredients and offer fantastic value for money.

A dark heavy fishmeal ground-bait – the GLM Method Mix is a high protein mix containing crushed pellets and GLM powder.

Tench and carp just love Green Lipped Mussel making this the perfect groundbait for stillwater species

1.8KG bag