ESP Hook Shank Stops

Brand: Drennan

Product Code: SIT1106

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These Shank Stops are designed for any rig that incorporates a sliding ring on the hook shank.

Shank Stops are housed on a handy frame that can be stored neatly in the tackle box. No more problems trying to extract a tiny stop from a flip-top box. The frame contains 40 stops, 20 of each mini and small. The mini stops are perfect for hook sizes 8 and 10, whilst the small are best suited to larger hooks.

Moulded in a soft, clingy material in a conical shape, the holes at each end do not quite meet in the middle, leaving a central membrane which is pierced by the hook point resulting in a secure, tight fit on the hook shank which will not slip on the cast and therefore requires no glueing.

20 Mini Shank Stops
20 Small Shank Stops
Housed on handy frame
Moulded in a soft, clingy material
Conical shape
Tight fit
Won't slip on cast