ESP Nut Drill

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After the success of the 6mm Nut Drill launched a few years ago there has been demand for a couple of different sizes at opposite ends of the scale, hence the introduction of 4mm and 8mm versions. Just like the 6mm, the drills are made to our own specification using high grade stainless steel. The drills have a sharp pilot point and leading edge, so clean holes can be drilled without the risk of splitting or damage, even in relatively soft and fragile baits.

The ergonomic high-vis moulded handles fit nicely in the hand, allowing smooth rotation, but will not roll when placed on a flat surface, such as a tackle box lid. The 4mm drill is perfect for balancing small baits such as mini tiger nuts and 10 or 12mm boilies whilst the 8mm is designed for adding a degree of buoyancy to large boilies. By altering the length of cork stick used, different levels of buoyancy can be achieved from just counterbalanced, slow sinking to extra buoyant perfect pop-ups, especially important for chod rigs. The 4mm Nut drill comes with 8 matching cork sticks and the 8mm comes with 4 sticks.