ESP Tungsten Loaded Coated Braid Hook Link

Brand: Drennan

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The tough, matt camo tungsten coating of the awesome new ESP Tungsten Loaded sinks heavily and strips easily while being resilient to fracturing on knots. Straightens without steaming.

The super strong Dyneema core has an achievable knot strength of over 30lb. 20lb+ Soft This soft version is perfect for subtle presentations with hook baits such as small boilies and nuts.

Balanced or buoyant baits combined with the inherent suppleness of the braid will help the rig settle perfectly while still pushing the bait away from the lead. 20lb+ Semi-Stiff The semi-stiff version is outstanding as an all-round coated hooklink. When combined with larger hooks and boilies it is still rigid enough to push the bait away from the lead for optimum rig efficiency and also makes an excellent boom for hinge rigs.

All available in muted camo Weedy Green, Camo Brown and Choddy Silt. Supplied on a 10m designer spool to reduce waste and fit the popular tackle boxes. Tried, tested and perfected in conjunction with Terry Hearn.