Fox Black Label Snag Ears With Adjustable Hockey Stick

Brand: Fox

Product Code: CBB022

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Looking the part these Adjustable Snag Ears also have a very practical use in that they prevent your rod from coming off of your bite alarm when fishing ‘locked up’or if a rod bounces.  They have been designed to work with most bite alarms (especially Fox N and M series of Microns!) and have a rubber over mould on the top half to protect the blank of your rod when it comes into contact with it.

  • Machined black anodised plate with integrated adjustable hockey stick
  • Adjustable stick allows you to set the tension you require from your bite indicator – simply screw your chosen cord, chain or quiver arm into place to lock the hockey stick in position
  • Ears feature rubber overmould that offers protection to your rods
  • Ears can be removed for transportation or if not required