Fox Edges Rapide Load PVA Bag System Fast Melt

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Rapide Load PVA Bag System – Load it, Twist it, Lick it – Stick It! The incredible new Rapide Load PVA Bag System range is set to change the way anglers fish with solid PVA bags forever!

The beauty of the Rapide tool is that not only is it used to fill your solid PVA bag but it is then also used to tie it meaning that you no longer need to fiddle about with PVA tape and gripping the bag between your knees – all very tricky and all very time consuming!

With the aid of the Rapide tool all you need to do now is load the bag, twist the tool, lick the top of the PVA and stick the bag shut by bringing the moistened section back onto the bag.

The system makes things so fast and simple. There are two sizes of loader tools available – large and small.

Small 55x120mm contains 25 bags

Large 85x140mm 25 bags