Fox Rage Crimping Pliers

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Good connections are essential for all pike rigs. It doesn’t matter if you use steel, kevlar, mono or fluorocarbon - the fish is lost if your rig breaks. For this reason predator experts always crimp their rigs and with the correct sized sleeve, crimped by the right pliers, you get a safe connection that guarantees almost 100% of the linear breaking strain of the rig material. Due to the shape of the pliers, as well as the five pressure points, the sleeve is not stressed and is squeezed only in the middle leaving the two ends protruding with no sharp edges. One tip worth noting is to put your rig material twice through the sleeve to get the best breaking strain. These Crimping Pliers are the same as used for all hand-made Fox Rage rigs.

MATERIAL: High Quality Carbon Steel, Gunmetal Grey finish, with ergonomic shaped easy find bright red and black handles.

LENGTH: 15.25cm/6”