Fox Rage Zander Pro Shads 10cm Rubber Lure

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The Fox Rage Zander Pro Shad is a new shad, which was extremely successful for the RAGE team during the testing period over the last year. There is almost no other soft bait that showed similar results in such a short time as the Zander Pro Shad.   Its length of 10cm perfectly represents almost all prey fish for zander and pike in all water types be it a still water, canal or river.

The clever shape of the tail not only produces a very natural lure movement, wobbling slightly from side to side but eliminates the risk of over-stretching the tail when fishing the shad or in fast moving water. Thanks to its extremely robust rubber mixture the shad´s life is five times longer and produces a high frequency vibration around the shad, which is very attractive for perch and zander as well as pike. Available in several attractive colours.  

• Maximum Vibration
• Perfect Baitfish Size
• Natural Swimming Action
• Extremely Strong Material  

Please note these are the rubber shad only and require a jig head for use.