Gardner Covert Flexi Bait Screws

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Gardner Covert Flexi Bait Screws give anglers a fast and convenient means of securely mounting hook baits onto D rigs and shank mounted hook arrangements. They are are available in three sizes, Standard, Long and Mini, and each Bait Screw is mounted on a Large Covert Rig Ring with a 3mm I/D. Using them in this way increases the free movement of hook baits and helps the hook to react immediately when the bait is inhaled, ensuring that the rig you have combined them with is free to work to its greatest potential.

The Mini Flexi Bait Screw has a 5mm long screw thread (point to outside face of screw loop). These are perfect for use with small pop up hookbaits and ‘cork balled’ hookbaits, in which the boilie skin rarely exceeds 2-3 mm.

The standard Flexi Bait Screw has a 7.5mm thread and these are ideal for slightly larger hookbaits.

The long has approximately a 10mm thread.

Directions for use: Simply screw the thread into any suitable hook bait: hardened boilies, cork balled and ready-made pop ups, nuts and even plastic hook baits. Anti Glare Black finish reduces visibility under water. Available in 2 sizes; Mini and Standard. 10 Flexi Bait Screws per packet.