Gardner Hydro Sink Braid

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Gardner Hydro-Sink is a high strength, fast sinking, low diameter specialist braided main line that’s offers phenomenal strength and amazing durability for a braid. The combination of high strength Dyneema core with a woven Kevlar fibre ‘overwrap’ creates a super strong braid that sinks superbly. Hydro-Sink lies flush to the lake bed for the most subtle line lay, an important consideration when fishing for pressured big fish. The application of a Teflon coating reduces friction and increases abrasion resistance. It also gives improved casting highest performance and helps protect the braid from general wear and tear. Hydro-Sink is extremely low stretch; approximately 4%, compared to 5-6% on standard braided lines and over 20% on many nylon monofilament lines. This gives you much better bite indication and improved contact with the fish, especially at long range. This means that you can fish locked up when fishing to snags at long range and pulling/walking fish away from snags if necessary.     Breaking strain is rated at minimum knot strength (most braids aren’t) with either Grinner and Palomar knots.     Hydro-Sink is supplied in Low-viz dark green.     Available in 200m 0r 600m spool 22lb 0.35mm and 15lb 0.30mm