Gardner Original Rig Bin Pike Trace Storage Bin

Brand: Gardner

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 The iconic Gardner Original Rig Bin is ideal for pike traces, the Mini Rig Bin one is hugely popular for storing short rigs and used by many for storage of Chod Rigs as the smaller diameter retains the perfect curve in the high memory. There’s no need to use fiddly map pins. Just lock the swivel or loop the hooklink onto the plastic comb and wind the rig around the foam inner – nicking the hook point into the foam to retain the rig safely in position. Ideal for hooklinks, wire pike traces, made up leadcore leaders, etc. Length small= 8.5cm, Diameter= 7cm (small enough to fit inside a jacket pocket). Length Original= 12.7cm, Diameter 10cm ( Can be used to store zig rigs)