Guru Bait Strainer 3 Pint

Brand: Korda

Product Code: GBS3

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This is a Guru 3.3 pint bait strainer , storage and drainage aid that fit neatly inside Guru Bait Boxes.  These are perfect for use with any bait that involves soaking or covering with water, as you can quickly and easily remove the bait from water by lifting the strainer out of the tub when required. The strainer is slightly raised so when placed on the ground water will drain from the bait.

Perfect for soaking pellets, preparing expanders, or holding any baits that need to be stored in water and require drainage at the end of a session. These are also ideal for draining the worm juice from chopped worms when adding them to groundbait, so not to alter the consistency of the mix.

Available in one pint and 3.3pt versions.