Korda Bait Up Carp Fishing Method Feeder

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Korda have designed the ultimate carp fishing method feeder, called Bait Up because it ensures your bait is presented uppermost and is always available to ensure a quick bite.

The major criticism of all other carp feeders is that your hook bait could potentially end up underneath the feeder when it hit the bottom. Then when you start getting pulls on the rod tip and received no runs you start to wonder "Is the bait trapped underneath?" Obviously, if that stopped you catching, the method would not be as devastating as it is. The fish will roll the feeder around in an attempt to get all the food off of it and the hook bait will eventually be exposed even if it is trapped underneath to begin with.

But what about making a feeder where you knew 100 per cent that your bait was available from the start? Sounds impossible but it wasn't really that hard. All we had to do is weight it on one side by making one of the three fins partially from lead. Being lead manufacturers this wasn't going to be as much of a problem as it would for our competitors.