PikePro Pike Bomber Oil Sponge System

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The Pike Pro Pike Bomber system is an ingenious way to lay down a scent trail to attract pike. Used in conjunction with Baitbox foam Pike Bombs (sold seperately), the Pike Bomber delivers a layer of fish oils and scents that will prove irresistible to any predator particularly on flowing water where the trail drifts enticingly down stream.

The Pike Bomber comes supplied with a foam insert, which can be soaked in or injected with any of Pike Pro's range of  flavoured oils, providing a thick layer of scent to entice big old crocs in.

The pack includes one Pike Bomber cage, 1 foam insert, and 1 set of Pike Bomber weights to fine tune your Bomber to your ideal distance. Full instructions supplied.

You can also buy spare sponges and weights for the Bomber.