PikePro Twin Treble Trace Semi Barbed

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All Pike Pro traces are hand-made in the UK using only the finest components and are the only traces to have the Pike Anglers Club of Great Britain seal of approval. 

  • Fitted with two  treble hooks accurately positioned for use with appropriate sized baits.
  • Twin treble traces are ideal for both live and deadbait fishing and can be used for both float fishing and ledgering.
  • Featuring extra-strong semi-barbless hooks, and are made from hand-crimped 45lb seven-strand Pike Pro wire. 
  • All hooks and swivels feature rig sleeves which create a neat finish to the rig reducing tangles. 
  • Supplied with two bait flags that not only help hold the bait securely, but add additional attraction to the bait. 
  • Can be used in combination with our Rotary Uptraces when fishing float paternoster rigs. 

Product Usage:

Size 8 hooks - Baits from 4 to 6 such as small smelt, sprats, small trout and zander packs. 

Size 6 hooks - Baits from 6 to 8 such as medium and large smelt, sardines, mini herring, pollan, medium trout, eel section, XL sandeel, coarse fish. 

Size 4 hooks - Baits of 8 plus such as joey mackeral, jacks, half bluey, maxi trout, maxi coarse fish, launce and maxi eel chunks.