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The complete range of Spombs now in stock at St Ives Fishing Tackle shop in Cambridgeshire. The only way to beat the gulls ensuring your bait reaches the fish with no spillage. Spomb floats also in stock.

Advantages of using the Spomb as a baiting tool include: Awesome distance The aerodynamics of the Spomb are of a teardrop shape. This is certainly the ultimate product for flight through the air with the minimum resistance. Furthest measured cast distance is 190 yards (173 metres)! Instant bait delivery When the Spomb contacts the water the body is released fully open so washing the bait out instantly. Fast aquaplane retrieve The Spomb floats once opened, glides effortlessly across the top of the water with no spinning or line twist even in the strongest of winds.

Other Spods have too much resistance on retrieve. No bait loss Once the Spomb is loaded, because the container is closed shut, no bait will come out until it impacts with the water and opens. Spods with an open end or with holes lets the bait fall out. All baits Anything that fits in the Spomb can be cast out including:- pellets, boilies, hemp, corn, mixer, bread, meat, maggot, worms and particles etc. No need to mix All baits can just be loaded into the Spomb without any need to mix. If you wish to mix balls of ground bait though, these can be cast accurately to a given distance even at a very long range.

Good accuracy in windy conditions Wind has very little effect on its flight because of the aerodynamics. Even with a strong cross wind, its accuracy and distance is remarkable. For all Spombs it is recommended they are stored in banded position. For extreme weather conditions, strong wind and rain into your face, you can turn the front button 180° for stronger latch.

The Spomb (Large)

The ultimate baiting tool for distance and large payloads. Will require a dedicated spod rod.

The Midi Spomb (Medium)

The eagerly awaited medium sized Spomb is perfect size for any rod and ideal for most situations other than extreme distance. Best on a spod rod but can be used on most carp rods.

The Mini Spomb (Small)

The mini Spombs. They have the same quality, advantages and features as the Spomb and can be used on any carp rod. Simply swap your rig for the mini spomb. Ideal for hemp and particle. Minimum disturbance, so great for topping up your baited area. Due to the smaller diameter and length, the mini Spomb complies with various fishing competition rules, worldwide, where baiting products cannot exceed 50mm in diameter or are restricted by length.