Sticky Baits Manilla Cloudy Liquid Bait Soak

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Cloudy Manilla Liquid from Sticky Baits is ideal as a bait soak for pellets groundbaits or boilies. This natural liquid presents a combination of highly soluble liquid foods as well as salts and sugars that drive the fish into a feeding frenzy.

Once applied to the swim, the Cloudy Manilla Liquid creates a hazy cloud that sits close to the lake bed, giving fish the confidence to feed freely. The Cloudy Manilla Liquid perfectly compliments the Manilla Active Mix, but we also like to add some Manilla Pellets and crushed Manilla Boilies to finish of the mix.

Not only is it great for PVA mixes, it also makes the perfect addition to any spod mix to create a haze in your swim. Another great use for any of the “Cloudys” is dampening our Manilla Pellets and “balling” them in.

Supplied in a 1 litre plastic bottle.